This Space

This is more of what I envisioned when we moved into this house 1 year and 4 months ago. There's still so much to come as I fill this space will all my love and energy. I can't wait to make video's for you to experience through my client's eyes what it feels like to experience a session here in my new space.


When we went looking for homes I had a keen eye out for space inside the home that I could temporarily use to serve clients and a garage worth converting. I found both of those things here in our home. Now we are in the beginnings of our second phase and I'm just so happy to create in this space!


Hair Stylist Krystal Yangco & Makeup Artist Liz Ricci


I so fully believe in serving women with portraits out of my own space. We spent a year looking for houses and recovering from 2 uprooted careers. We absolutely adore Downtown and Historic Summerville. Houses would pop on the market and be gone in one day. When everything lined up I found this house. In fact, my husband was out of town for work and after a face time walk-though we moved to make an offer. I feel so happy to be here in the little village of Summerville.