"Oh no, not me, just the kids!"

"Oh no, not me, just the kids!" is a statement I hear so often. While I can't strong arm you into having your photograph taken, I dare to ask, "One day your children will look for photographs of you. What will they find?"

Audrey Portraits .png

Mommas I know you barely have enough time to get the kids looking on point let alone think of taking the time to feel ready for photographs yourself. But I hold so near and dear to my heart how important this is. 

If you have little ones, imagine taking the morning off. Come into my space to have professional hair and makeup done. It will be some time just for you to look and feel gorgeous and pampered. We will rock a session together and I'll guide you through every pose.


Later, after we've made some gorgeous empowering portraits of you -have whoever has been watching the little ones come in with the kiddos towards the end. You look amazing so let's get those babes in the shot. 

pcad-40 copy.jpg