A life well loved

A childhood friend's mother passed away two weeks ago. 

I left Charleston and drove home to Pennsylvania in hopes that somehow my presence might be a comfort and that I could be of some help. 

Pictures . . .

There was a celebration of life gathering and a slide show projecting the story of her family while we danced. I saw how all these beautiful images were illustrations of her joy, her love, her caring and her values. I moved from each collage to the next, loving the chance to see my close friend's childhood in these awesome pictures. 

I wondered since her mother in part planned the celebration of her life before she passed, had she hand picked each of these? Which were her very favorites? Which did she feel really represented who she was? What did each of them say to her about that time in her life and what did they say to her children?

The gathering is over but I still see her children sharing the beauty of who their mother was in images online.

Never, ever doubt the importance of photographs of you. 

You are seen and you are loved. One day a photograph of you will be the most precious thing the people who love you own.

Cheers to my friend's mother, a life well loved!